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Enzo Treviso Saddle Sale

Want to see what Enzo Treviso has on offer? Take a closer look!

With 50% off all saddles, now is the perfect time to ensure your horse is fitted out in a brand new, luxurious Italian-inspired saddle! The effortless style and elegance are hallmarks of our contemporary Enzo Treviso saddle collection, born of a passion for the very best in Italian inspired saddlery, our saddle makers use luxurious leathers to create a feeling of total unity between horse and rider.

Close your eyes and envisage you are walking down a cobbled street in a small village in Italy, smell the leatherwork in the local saddler’s shop, here your Enzo Treviso saddle is inspired. This saddle collection is designed for both luxury and quality. So why not take advantage of our biggest ever sale!

The 5 unique styles include the Lucia Mono Dressage, Gina Deep Seat Event and three close contact jump saddles: the Maria Deep Seat Two Toned Close Contact, the Maria Deep Seat Close Contact and the Anita Medium/Deep Seat Close Contact. With prices from only £1,399.50.

With all of our saddles featuring the Opti-Fit Changeable Gullet System, it means that as your horses level of fitness and shape changes over time, your saddle can adapt too! With gullets available in Narrow to Extra Wide, there is a huge choice for a wide selection of horses.

Additionally, for your peace of mind, all of our Enzo Treviso saddles come with a 10 year warranty on the saddle and a 2 year warranty on the tree. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!