Review: Enzo Treviso Lucia Saddle

Earlier this year, I decided now was the right time to invest in a high-quality dressage saddle for me and Buster, as we were being placed in our one day events but I felt that our dressage scores could be improved.

I wanted our new saddle to be a long-term investment, therefore I only looked for saddles with remarkable quality and supple leather. The Enzo Treviso Lucia Mono Dressage Saddle really stood out for me, as it is so unique and stylish. I opted for the Black with Brown Trim as the quilted brown cantle is really eye-catching, plus the contrasting colours on the knee roll offer a distinctive look.

After getting the saddle fitter out to fit the saddle, we opted for a slightly wider gullet which fits him really well. The versatility of the Opti-Fit Gullet System means that as Buster changes shape throughout the season, my saddle can change with him.

I have found the leather to be really soft and comfy, and the deep seat offers stability and security when riding. Having ridden in this saddle since August, both at home and competing, I admit I couldn’t be happier with the overall comfort, fit and look!

Enzo Treviso